Classroom activities based on the book that can be assigned for a self-directed style class or done together as part of a teacher led class .

Think of it as a 'Book Club' discussion and 'To do' items.


  • Answer the following questions ( Read Page 8)
    • Why is it called Python?
    • Why is it a popular language in industry. Give some examples where Python is used
  • Run your fist line of code to print "Hello World' . Try entering 'Print' instead of 'print' and see what error you get - add a screenshot to show the code working and the error message. (Pages 10-11)
  • Draw a flowchart similar to that on Page 13 for a simple decision that you make everyday - example choosing what to take to school each morning - a jacket/ musical instrument/gym bag etc based on the day of the week.

Chapter 1

  • Enter the following code and write down what is printed at the end (See Page 17 for a similar example)
player_score = 0
player_score = player_score + 1
player_score = player_score + 1
  • Enter the following code - why does it not work? Explain how you can fix it? ( Page 18)
    alien name = 'Speedy'
  • Enter and run the code example at bottom of Page 21. What will you get if you replace the line

    username = 'Zoe


    username = input('Enter your name')
  • What does the following code do, and why do we need it ( Page 25)
    number = int(number)
  • Project - look at the Chatbot sample run on Page 27 and plan what your chatbot will do. Follow the steps on pages 26-31 and create a chatbot. Ask someone to test the project and add a screenshot of the sample run. (For students who finish the project - ask them to pick and do any one of the Exp and Extend projects in the chapter Pages 32-35)

Chapter 2

  • Create a turtle and try out the code on Page 39 - experiment.
  • Read Pages 40-41 to understand what are loops and how to do them in Python. Edit the code at bottom of end of Page 41 to make a green hexagon (hint change the number of degrees from 90 to 60, and the repeat amount from 4 to 6)
  • Why do we use lists? Try out the code on Page 45 - what appears on the IDLE shell and why?
  • Project - follow instructions and create the geometric pattern shown Pages 46-49 (For students who finish the project - ask them to pick and do any one of the Exp and Extend projects at the end of the chapter Pages 5-53)