Sample Course Description

This course teaches you coding using Python, one of the most popular and powerful programming lessons today. You will understand the fundamental concepts in programming while using your creativity to build your own fun projects. Learn to create your own chatbot, an art masterpiece or an arcade style game. There will be NO homework for this course. Grading will be based on effort and projects….



Unit 0 : Introduction to coding and Python. Understanding Algorithms

Unit 1 :Understanding input, output, variables and data types

Unit 2 :Understanding loops and lists using Turtle graphics

Unit 3 : Understanding Booleans, Conditionals and Conditional Loops

Unit 4 : Learning to organize and re-use code with your own functions

Unit 5 : Building Graphical User Interfaces Unit 6 : GUl Game Project

Unit 6 : Final Project / Extending Python to Physical computing using micro:bit or Raspberry Pi


Unit 0

Lesson 1: What is Coding? / Why Python / First line of Python

Lesson 2: Python functions / Errors / Intro to Algorithms

Lesson 3: Algorithms/ Problem solving

Introduction to Coding and Python. Understanding Algorithms
(Pages 8-13)

Unit 1

Understanding input, output and storing information using variables. Creating a chatbot.
(Pages 16 - 35)

Lesson 4: Variables

Lesson 5: User Input/ Output

Lesson 6: Math on the Computer / Data Types

Lesson 7: Project Chatbot

Lesson 8-10: Challenges on Unit 1

Unit 2

Lesson 11: Turtle Graphics introduction

Lesson 12: Loops - Nested Loops

Lesson 13: Geometric art project

Lesson 14–16: Challenges on Unit 2

Understanding loops and lists. Creating artwork using the Turtle Module
(Pages 38-51)